Norfolk Terriers


Perfect Small Dog

Norfolks are the "best" small dogs.  Wonderful house dogs and companions, they train and housebreak easily.  Never yappy like some small breeds, they are affectionate, attentive and they love to smile.  To me they are like little labs in a 12# package. 


Little labradors

I had my first Norfolk in 1985.  I have never been without one since.  My first was a female that went everywhere with me.  I now have only a few that live full-time in the house.  We also compete them in the breed ring where my breeding pair have both achieved their Championships.  We have begun adding some English import bloodlines to our Norfolks in classic Dove Hill fashion. 

Norfolk puppies

We have puppies occasionally.  Our adults have all appropriate clearances.  

Contact us or check out our available page. No one is disappointed with a Norfolk.