"Last summer (2018) we picked up the best pup ever.  You would know him as "Mindy + Hammy first pick male," but we just call him Loki.

Loki is an incredible dog.  He was crate and house trained from day one, suuuuuper smart (ok, he's still a dog), warm and loving disposition, and has been an absolute joy to raise and train.  Our son Aaron (7) got Loki through CGC and CGC "urban," awing crowds of onlookers watching the little guy and his impeccably mannered, obedient dog. It goes without saying that you've added a best friend for life to our pack. Great job Ann and Dove Hills -- thank you!!!

Josh Kneubel

“Here’s a quick update on Susie Q.  Wonderful puppy, great personality, not intimidated by her first and infrequent contact with larger (and fully vaccinated) dogs.  Very few housetraining problems, sleeps through the night until daybreak and lets me know it’s time to go to her spot to take care of business and then get her breakfast.  Has learned to sit and wait for me to give her a treat.  Visit to the vet and next round of shots went well. “ 

Buz Winchester

Spring 2019

“I have been trying to find a moment to sit down and write to you how happy our family is since Turnip came to live with us. He’s a joy and he is the perfect temperament for our lifestyle right now. We just can’t get over how laid back he is. Sleeps on his back often. Doesn’t mind being carried. Is curious, but easily entertained. And the best part is that Taylor is his person. The bond is made. This will be a summer to remember. Thank you”

Sarah McDonald 

June 2019

“Just want u to know Grady is a great dog and the best ever 

He is sweet smart and full of life 

Most important he seems to be getting house training 

He whines when he has to go out

Thank you so much for this very special little gift 

Have a great summer “

Dr Fran

June 2019

“Hi Ann 

Just a heads up. Grady is wonderful 

He is my pal and follows me around and is usually near me. 

He is so smart and pretty well house trained and responds to his name and sits

He is learning the come command which I think is so important. 

Still working on leash walking and just got a harness for him.

Our family is a dove hill family with Christina getting a pup in late August 

Take care and more updates will come.”


July 2019

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“Marty, one of your English labs was the smartest animal I have ever seen and he brought tremendous joy to our family.  Our two boys grew up with him and he was truly one of our family members bringing great joy to all.  An incredible animal who as you said to us when we picked him that he was the “pick of the litter” and I can assure you he lived up to that expectation. 

Besides wanting to thank you for giving us a wonderful family member, I would like to find out about purchasing yet again another great English Lab from your breeding lot.  Nearing retirement, I and my wife will have additional time to spend with the dog even as my two boys move on.  

Again, thanks for making our lives so complete with such a wonderful animal.”

William  Summer 2019