"Last summer (2018) we picked up the best pup ever.  You would know him as "Mindy + Hammy first pick male," but we just call him Loki.

Loki is an incredible dog.  He was crate and house trained from day one, suuuuuper smart (ok, he's still a dog), warm and loving disposition, and has been an absolute joy to raise and train.  Our son Aaron (7) got Loki through CGC and CGC "urban," awing crowds of onlookers watching the little guy and his impeccably mannered, obedient dog. It goes without saying that you've added a best friend for life to our pack. Great job Ann and Dove Hills -- thank you!!!

Josh Kneubel

“Here’s a quick update on Susie Q.  Wonderful puppy, great personality, not intimidated by her first and infrequent contact with larger (and fully vaccinated) dogs.  Very few housetraining problems, sleeps through the night until daybreak and lets me know it’s time to go to her spot to take care of business and then get her breakfast.  Has learned to sit and wait for me to give her a treat.  Visit to the vet and next round of shots went well. “ 

Buz Winchester

Spring 2019

“I have been trying to find a moment to sit down and write to you how happy our family is since Turnip came to live with us. He’s a joy and he is the perfect temperament for our lifestyle right now. We just can’t get over how laid back he is. Sleeps on his back often. Doesn’t mind being carried. Is curious, but easily entertained. And the best part is that Taylor is his person. The bond is made. This will be a summer to remember. Thank you”

Sarah McDonald 

June 2019

“Just want u to know Grady is a great dog and the best ever 

He is sweet smart and full of life 

Most important he seems to be getting house training 

He whines when he has to go out

Thank you so much for this very special little gift 

Have a great summer “

Dr Fran

June 2019

“Hi Ann 

Just a heads up. Grady is wonderful 

He is my pal and follows me around and is usually near me. 

He is so smart and pretty well house trained and responds to his name and sits

He is learning the come command which I think is so important. 

Still working on leash walking and just got a harness for him.

Our family is a dove hill family with Christina getting a pup in late August 

Take care and more updates will come.”


July 2019

“Marty, one of your English labs was the smartest animal I have ever seen and he brought tremendous joy to our family.  Our two boys grew up with him and he was truly one of our family members bringing great joy to all.  An incredible animal who as you said to us when we picked him that he was the “pick of the litter” and I can assure you he lived up to that expectation. 

Besides wanting to thank you for giving us a wonderful family member, I would like to find out about purchasing yet again another great English Lab from your breeding lot.  Nearing retirement, I and my wife will have additional time to spend with the dog even as my two boys move on.  

Again, thanks for making our lives so complete with such a wonderful animal.”

William  Summer 2019

Just a note to let you know all is well. Kirby has not seemed to miss a beat - eating well ( I’d say with gusto), no potty accidents at all - has started whimpering at the door out, and slept well in his crate last night. He woke me up twice to go out but then went right back to sleep with a few soothing words. He is a super pup and we are smitten.
Thank you!

December 2019

Just wanted to update you on our Kirby (Cookie/Finn's litter).  He is thriving and every day I spend with him I think "Wow - this is what it's like when you start with a healthy, well bred, well socialized puppy."  It is such a joy to see him greet every new experience and person with curiosity and confidence.  He is interested in everything and each person he meets is his friend.  I call him little Mr. Sunshine because people are just drawn to him everywhere we take him - I think, as long as I do my part in his training, he will be a star as a dog who visits nursing homes and hospitals.  He is a favorite at our Post Office, hardware store, and antique mall in Scottsville and he has confidently been introduced to automatic doors, wheeled shopping carts, the train along with whistle that runs past the little Howardsville Store (while safely on my lap as the train can be pretty intimidating) and as many different ages and colors of people as I can get him to.  He went to the airport and local brewery this weekend and loved it and was a real people pleaser. He has also had people come here to the house to visit - he gets his share of attention and then seems agreeable to have a little rest in his crate while the adults talk.  In four weeks he'll get his final DHLPP and Rabies and then I will find some sort of puppy kindergarten class for him as the one thing that is lacking at our house is a suitable playmate (our old hound dog is not pleased about a puppy annoying him and is generally grumpy and no fun).

 I cannot thank you enough for this beautiful boy and Bruce and I have agreed that everything you told us about your dogs and their temperaments has proved to be completely true for Kirby


Today Dove Hill Finn-Angus is 2 yrs old.  This magnificent yellow lab is a wonderful friend, companion and would have surely been a field champion!

We take this opportunity to thank you for all your years of work in breeding the most wonderful labs. Finn-Angus makes our third from you. He is grand in all ways and of course he’s sure of it!

If you happen to have room on your waiting list for a puppy, it may be time for our Finn to have a friend of the same family to come keep him company in the not too distant future.

All our thanks to you for all you do …… our lives have been enhanced day after day by the beautiful dogs you have provided for us and who we love so very much.

Libby Briggs 

 Oct 2019


Bayou is amazing.  He has had such a fun couple of days here! He met his new dog sisters, and is already curling up with our Mastiff mix, Quinn, for naps. He met the cat, the guinea pigs and a couple of the chickens. He did fantastic his first night in the crate, only waking up once, and after a trip outside, went back to sleep and didn’t wake up till after 7a. He had his first clicker training session, which I didn’t think would go anywhere this tiny, just thought I’d give a quick shot. He caught on to it right away, and now sits and makes eye contact with me for a treat.  I’m super impressed. He also had a bath today and loved it! Wagged his little tail the entire time in the bath, and loved being dried off and rubbed down with the towel.  It was adorable!

And, of course, he makes us swoon with adorable, squishy cuteness! He is absolutely precious!

Thank you again for our new friend! We are thrilled with him!

Feb 2020

Just returned from our first vet visit. Mazy checked out perfectly! No worms and incredibly healthy from head to toe. She is doing great. Very social and confident little girl! 

No accidents,  sleeping well, playing well, robust appetite. Crate training has been very smooth...we are so pleased!


Feb 2020

We cannot begin to thank you for the blessing of Bear in our lives.  We have only had him 4 days and we are all head over heals in love with him.  He has officially made us his pack, he is sleeping well and he is enjoying our back yard. 

March 2020

 I have never seen such a sweet, gentle, tactile dog!  She is all goodness, and everyone that meets her falls totally in love with her!  We are so happy to have her to hug and love during this scary time-pets, especially dogs, bring such comfort.
Stay safe and healthy, Ann. And know this sweet dog you let us have is thriving!
Leslie April 2020

I hope you had a great holiday season and that wrist is getting better.  
The girls are doing great! Luna gets her last round of shots next week. Song has been an amazing aunt. They are best friends and completely inseparable.

Thank you again for your great work with such awesome dogs.

Rob  Jan 2020

Here’s a very long and overdue email giving you an update on Brody. He has filled our home with love. He is so attentive, smart, loving and affectionate. Especially during these uncertain days, he has given us  structure, stability and lots of smiles. 

Thank you again for entrusting us with one of your babies. You were right, we are thrilled with him.  

March 2020

More testimonials coming soon