English Lab Puppies



Dove Hills English lab puppies are known for their extraordinary temperament.  Dove Hills English Labrador puppies have a long history and been proven successful as therapy dogs, Autistic service dogs, PTSD dogs, explosive canines,  hunting companions, members of the family and full time couch potatoes.  

Born In The House

As members of the family, our girls have their puppies in the parlor. This way Mom and the babies get 24 hour supervision

At weaning time, the babies move to a room with a dog door which leads into a large grass paddock. The climate controlled environment ensures a stress free childhood. This set up also allows for the babies to begin housebreaking themselves.  We have found, as soon as they are able, pups prefer to go  outside to eliminate.  This keeps their area clean and promotes exceptionally easy housebreaking



When the time comes that the babies are ready to go home, we can help with your selection if you wish. After all of our time spent with them, no one knows them better. We pride ourselves on our history of successful matches.

The puppies will have been Vet checked, wormed several times and received their first puppy vaccination.   All Dove Hills English lab puppies leave on a limited registration . Information on limited registrations may be found on the American Kennel Club website.