Dove Hills Gold Rush

DOB 12/30/2015

Hips Good LR-232826G26M-VPI

Elbows Normal LR-EL83197M26-VPI

Cardiac Clear LR-ACA353/14M-VPI

Eyes Clear LR-EYE12249/14M-VPI

EIC Clear LR-EIC3962/2M-PI

CNM Clear LR-CNM1564/15M-PI 

DM Clear LR-DM651/15M-PI

HNPK Clear LR-HNP360/15M-PI

D Locus Clear LR-DL618/15M-PI

Patella Clear LR-PA1398/13M/P-VPI

CHIC# 128504

Kavik is an extraordinary guy.  A stunning golden yellow color, he is a wonderful example of the breed. A large wide head with very dark thick "guy liner" , he stamps his puppies with gorgeous good looks and a sweet easy temperament

Kavik is available at stud to approved girls. Fresh and fresh chilled available

Beulahlands Dove Hill Finn

DOB 03/22/2014

Hips Good LR-220875G25M-VPI

Elbows Normal LR-EL73019M25-VPI

Cardiac Clear LR-CA8258/13M/C-VPI

Eyes Clear LR-EYE6847/36M-VPI

Thyroid Clear LR-TH811/25M-VPI

EIC Clear LR-EIC3963/4M-PI

DM Clear LR-DM650/28M-PI

Patella Clear LR-PA1397/25M/P-VPI

Full Dentition LR-DE510/25M-VPI

CHIC# 113815

Finn is a very handsome black male. Large framed with a deep well sprung chest, he is an amazing example of an English Labrador.  His easy going temperament and stunning good looks shows in all his puppies.  We are thrilled to have Finn  here at Dove Hill .  Thank you Stacy from Beulahlands. 

Finn is available at stud to approved girls. Fresh and chilled available

Dove Hills Eli

DOB 12/02/2016

Hips Good LR220865G34M-VPI

Elbows Normal LR-EL73012M34-VPI

Cardiac Clear LR-CA8251/22M/C-VPI

Eyes Clear LR-EYE16848/79M-VPI

EIC Clear LR-EIC2839/15M-VPI

D Locus clear LR-DL615/37M-PI

HNPK clear LR-HNP359/37M-PI

Patellar Normal LR-PA921/16M/P-VPI

Full Dentition LR-DE240/16M-VPI

CHIC # 113814

Eli is a courageous water dog and retriever, yet a gentle spirit. He trained easily and focuses on pleasing. Eli has puppies throughout the US and has made us proud with the quality of his puppies.

Eli is available to approved girls. Fresh and chilled available

Dove Hills Here Come Da Judge

DOB 12/02/2016

Hips Good LR-239052G26M-VPI

Elbows Normal LR-EL88605M26-VPI

Cardiac Clear LR-ACA756/15M-VPI

Eyes Clear LR-EYE12250/15M-VPI

Thyroid Clear LR-TH973/30mo-VPI

EIC Clear 

HNPK Clear

CN Clear

PRA Clear 


Judge is a "classic" example of an English Labrador.  He has Sandylands Labradors from England heavily throughout his pedigree. Judge is a dog that is so handsome one is drawn to him.  A total sweetheart, he is fun, stable, and a real stunner.  Judge is beginning to produce puppies in 2018.  

His prepotency is passing on everything we love about him into his puppies.

Way to go Judge!

Judge is available to approved girls. Fresh and fresh chilled available.